Agree with Bahloo on bare necessities? VUEM 1.6 brings it to Workspace management

23 March, 2012 (2595 reads)

Life can be soooo good. Why make it complicated when things can be simple and inexpensive? Okay all together, we are doing the same in our VirtuAll office while preparing for v1.6 release (yes… Pierre has put a bit of weight lately):

That was good. Now, here is a second feature update to keep you waiting.

As mentioned in our previous post, a lot of new features are making VUEM Enterprise grade.

We are going to help you even more with out of this world performance levels. And yet VUEM is extra fast to install/configure and dead simple to manage. Trust the guys who brought you perfect no-nonsense workspace solution. We are coding our gears in the IT trenches and it is made for real IT folks.

So here is that new batch of essentials features, part of the new Enterprise version.


Users can configure their favourite printers and get access to more apps, all by themselves. No need to call and wait for support anymore. Most users can suddenly consider life without admin rights and support guys can cut on hypertension pills.

And at an average cost of $50 per call, you do the maths for the internal savings.


It is one of the universe deepest mysteries… How come users always manage to ruin perfectly fine desktops (i.e. erase icons, disconnecting networks drive and more imaginative stuffs)? And then feel entitled to give us grumpy calls summoning support and a fix within seconds? ENOUGH!

VUEM automatically recreate damages workspaces without even rebooting. In fact it is likely nefarious users won’t even notice they broke anything. Which is good because they would have blamed IT folks anyway.


Our new White and Black list for applications let you customise what can run or not on user workspaces. Easy, no-nonsense and yes you can White list iTune,

Citrix UPM integration:

UPM is great and does 98% of what people want in term of profile management for Citrix environment. We have just made it so that you can manage this aspect of your workspace from VUEM central workspace management console. Easy, no-nonsense.

Thank you Bahloo! Thank you Virtuall Solutions!


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